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Wang: burning money flows completely wrong, Crestron is business

&Nbsp;15 age of army, army 17, less than 30 years old to become vocational cadres; transferred to local governments, and do it quickly, Director of the Office in 1988 and shared business in Dalian first engaged in the transformation of the old city, on the road to entrepreneurship. Since 1993, Chairman and President of the Dalian Wanda group. In 2013, he became China's richest man.
Wang: burning money flows completely wrong, Crestron is, business-minded
as a small South Sea entrepreneurs on the eve, China's richest man Wang Jianlin, Chairman of Wanda group mentor in the minds of millions of entrepreneurs, he "to ambition never died, hit a brick wall" the entrepreneurial spirit has inspired a number of entrepreneurs. On November 9, the 61-year old Wang Jianlin told Beijing news journalists in an interview in Beijing. For businesses, Wang think innovation is the most important quality, do others think, do no good, not doing things. Talking about the present wave of entrepreneurship, Mr Wang to "burn patterns," "O2O subsidy wars" challenge, if the business model could not be found, depends entirely on money, must die.
early start to "daring try"
only do completely different things with others in order to reap excessive profits.
Beijing News: from professional cadres to local officials, 1988 your career, why resign in business?
Wang: from military to civil service, because millions of disarmament, Deng said, the army to bear. Judging from history, endure for 10 years is not what, but personally, a long time. Then I switch to government departments, after one or two years, seeing many colleagues into the sea. Then policies of tolerance and allows us to leave without pay for 5 years, I just wanted to, such a good policy is not to try? Give yourself 5-year test period, no coming back. When the beginner's mind, seek truth from facts speak, is to get more money, make life better for his family. Making money for themselves, is the beginner's mind.
Beijing News: can you imagine so successful?
Wang: totally didn't expect. Early business, which dare to imagine so much? Registered capital is borrow someone else's. Ideal for initial business, is struggling to have a building that can be rented at least, eat and drink pretty.
Beijing News: business did well, difficulties encountered?
Wang: when first encountered business difficulties, is to borrow money. Early start had more than 10 banks found none willing to lend. Second difficulty is out of reach items. When city was "planned economy", project "target", I again find the city leaders, city leaders are tired of me, out of the question: "do you want to develop? On the north side of the city to you. "
the land is old town, rebuilding costs down to 1200 dollars a square meter, Dalian was the best of the House can only sell 1000 dozens of pieces. We got a few innovations: firstly, Ming Hall House, city, at that time, we did a Ming Hall; second, every household is equipped with a toilet, replaced the wood Windows with aluminum Windows, and a steel door. House introduction to ASP 1580 Yuan per square meter. Finishing off a month over more than 1000 houses. This we earn nearly 10 million Yuan, driving to the first bucket of gold. And found a profitable patterns--the old city reconstruction money, someone else can't do, I dare, and was opened in Dalian.
Beijing News: do you think the beginning what is the most important?
Wang: the first, "daring try." No matter what you do, be sure to have a dream and have goals, dare to do it. Secondly, innovation, usually with someone else doing the same thing, must be obtained average rate only do completely different things with others in order to reap excessive profits. Third, persist in the end. Past budaohuanghexinbusi and bump your head with the wall, I don't like, I went to the heart of the Yellow River would not die, I could build a bridge, I passed; hit a brick wall without looking back I find a ladder I climbed over.
Wanda electrical contractor will not sell goods at the two-thirds
profit and income from services, completely abandoned the original's most profitable models.
Beijing News: later, Wanda begins "real estate" and began doing theater, began to do business. You said that we should start a different from Taobao and East of Internet e-commerce site. How's everything going? Give yourself a few minutes?
Wang: 80 points, after a left-right, and now generally accepted that solution. Our company is mainly sold in the future, not sell, sell products, and banking institutions. Our end of March next year to complete the technology research and development, completing commercial pilot in late June.
Beijing News: view Wanda in the past few years a number of detours, what are the biggest mistakes?
Wang: the biggest mistake is initially defined on the e-commerce company, name issue, also is trying to sell something. Tencent, Ali initially is not the model, are trial and error out. We find this pattern two or five years, investors saw that we have investment value will come in, very good. This pattern next year, someone will be voted in.
Beijing News: when will you retire? Wanda layout would be like in the future?
Wang: I do not have to let go because of Wanda in the fourth round of restructuring. The transition I can judge about 2018 would be completed. Wanda the following network of film production and distribution, sports, finance and so on, all of them listed. Wanda two-thirds of profits and income from services. For Wanda, this transition is one of the deepest and most challenging, completely abandoned the original's most profitable models. By 2018, Wanda must be the top brand in the world.