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Xu Xiaoping: what is the entrepreneurial "dumpling theory"

2005 the Committee was Association its overseas organization, by a group of leading returnees in their respective fields consist of elite, Chairman Wang Shi, the Secretary is to me. 2005 the Committee's purpose is to fellowship overseas elite, gather intelligence, and promoting social progress. We organize seminars and networking events. Next 30 years overseas mission of the Forum is an annual event of the 2005 Committee. Previous guest speakers, and Li, Yang yuanqing, Kai-Fu Lee and other famous investor, social activist. This is the subject of entrepreneurship and innovation. This seems to have been all the Jedi, about three feet up the topic, I believe that today's Forum to find new light, new sparks are generated.
Xu Xiaoping: what is the entrepreneurial "dumplings on"
    2005 Committee members almost all is entrepreneurs, everyone is creative, Chairman of Wang Shi, Deng Feng former Chairman President, first they are entrepreneurs, are innovative people. I would like to share with you, my own story to illustrate why our forum with the theme of entrepreneurship and innovation, and what I expect from today's Forum to get inspired.
    in January 1996, when I returned to Beijing in six years of studying overseas career, joined Mr Yu when new Oriental, without a business idea in my mind, only to earn money, earn a living, family, success, so urgently needs. But as a former Beijing University teacher I, as well as Mr Yu who, although individual earn, Fortune's demand is very strong. But under a certain sense of responsibility and sense of mission, we make every effort to satisfy our customers, our students ' core demands, guarantee the fundamental interests of their learning progress. Ten years are like a day, we defined a generation of young adult life dreams, creates a great brand, we also produce a great business.
    real life force, personal desire to succeed, the consciousness of social responsibility, idealistic call, which makes Mr Yu, New Oriental, also created by the way I own.
     back to keep the past, I do at the new Oriental has serious funding, all of these factors and forces together, my life development of the booster rocket. Livelihood needs from the most humble to the most noble idealism, we have included these factors. And the combination of these factors, to lead or driven an entrepreneur, innovator in the world ahead of the world's breast.
     first said to living and success of venture, just to living and venture, you may made a success of dumplings Pu, but power will failure, just to personal success and venture you can made dumplings chain, may 100 home, and 200 home, and even 3-500 home, but must scale Hou you of enthusiasm will indifference, you will sing with xintianyou: mountain Daniel spent open red, life not just dumplings chain And I've seen a lot of people who don't know who named names, forget, a person making a living and their success, and the lives of others and success, you roll out the dumplings to 1000 more and more excited, you see the stars of the milky way are named after your dumplings shop. You'll see 10,000, 20,000, and McDonald's have 40,000 stores, Starbucks has 20,000 stores, you will shop with you for food and clothing, store managers grow together, you'd be in the accumulation of social wealth for themselves accumulate more intense passion in life, more social power, which is called social responsibility.
     last but not least, if your dumplings idealistic chains to add a little sea salt, you doing dumplings not dumplings, you meet the requirements not dumplings, you do is the glory and dream of the Chinese people in the world. What you do is to conquer the United States, to conquer Japan, conquered the world, Chinese, glamour and power in China.
   , what is the idealism in the dumplings? Political power in the dumplings, dumplings in the national interest and national dignity, so whatever you are doing dumplings are new Oriental, drones are Nano-do you do, you will succeed, and you will become after the cause go further, forever. United States hamburger, pizza, beer, Coke has not done yet? And in turn China's 5,000 years of civilization, China, China, China has not become a symbol of world cheer and embrace, and not be a beacon illuminating the global, the fuel is idealism.
    Dear Director-General, friends, to make China's industrial upgrading and cultural rise, leading technology and manufacturing cutting-edge, we need entrepreneurial innovation, we need great people to join in the wave of entrepreneurship and innovation, and we need newer, deeper, more significant innovation ideas and theories and guide our innovation army.
    refer to ideas, theories, I would like to say one thing, recently founded the new media, intellectuals organised press conference, 2005 Committee, eminent scientific members Professor Rao said his students showed genius in science, but after graduation to do investment banks. He said that good people should do science, not investment banks. He is the editor of the intellectual, I am his admirer, and small investors, but I listen to his words, and groaned, if the talents of intellectuals is against innovation into commercial finance, what should we do? Maybe Professor Rao is not wrong, but he stressed that the scientists ' mission is to discover the unknown nature, but also has a mission is to bring scientific discoveries to solve people's problems. Like TU and artemisinin were invented.
    science is a three-track, from my perspective, discovery, innovation, business and manufacturing. Slaughter if there are no manufacturer, a Professor, then as commercial drugs still fails to bring benefit to mankind, still can not let this great invention the commercial value. Luckily, it was eventually produced as everyone can use drugs. But unfortunately were, drugs are made from factory in China, but foreign companies, Chinese entrepreneurs in where? That time they sleep. This is what I look forward to the 2005 Committee this forum to achieve results. We want to awaken hidden entrepreneurial forces in Chinese society, ignited a generation of youth entrepreneurship and innovation, enhance the quality of innovation the founders ', improving the innovative counselling and incubator environment, but the most important is to improve the concept of entrepreneurship and innovation, consciousness, values, thoughts, environment.
    real slogan: business is freedom. We first have to get rid of those entrepreneurs to various stereotypes, ear goggles, they step lighter, the mind farther, reaching to the realm.
    Finally, I would like to assure the respect and love of Professor Rao Yi GE chanting one word, you encourage the best one-third people today innovation, one-third of people doing science, one-third of the business. Students are encouraged to at least, so that China's entrepreneurial environment can usher in a riot of colour in the spring, China's intelligence and ISO to evoke Qi sihe.