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Listen to Facebook, GGV big brother taught only costs 600 Yuan, Lishan you start chaos University Service entrepreneurs

A Wolf, even dogs, get back to the Wolf, no matter how warm the home. I think I am such a wild Wolf. From now on, he will return to the wild, again. Yes, this time, I really became what you call "Li Jiao beast".
listen to Facebook, GGV big brothers taught only costs 600 Yuan, Lishan you start chaos University
    central service entrepreneurs entrepreneurship camp 2011 I fails, and retired to the rivers and lakes, to return to Central Europe, leaving the business of teaching. For four years, I only do one thing: Central European entrepreneurship camp.
    today, "Startup camp" has become almost synonymous with Chinese entrepreneurship education, Central Europe venture business has become China's top most difficult to the entrepreneurial class. The past four years, I devoted almost all his time to the 207 founder, 36 investors, of which anyone familiar with Michael Yu, Zhang Bangxin, Wang xiaochuan, Luo Zhenyu, and Wang Jingbo ... ... More are travel, to colonize Earth business people. They're my family, also my benefactor, they helped me to achieve my dreams.
    four years ago, Central Europe venture business from scratch and grope in the chaos, in an iterative way, as part of a school of "otherness", I gave up the classical system, developed from the ground up program, innovative thinking and the Internet introduction to Subversion-style entrepreneur class. For three consecutive years, my entrepreneurial business-class rating is 5 points, EMBA students also became the sought after one of my lectures. After my course in innovation Club, 2000 tickets snapped up within 6 minutes.
    However, under the bubble reputation, growing fear in mind. While lecturing at the end to say "tell me is wrong", but as a speaker, tongue, who also can not be replaced, often told myself larger the impact karma. I did logic self-consistent? Will there be selective bias? My exploration of innovation education can stand the test? Founders really have help? Stanford
   />    years old, time is the most precious, but this determination, drop everything and with a sense of confusion and loneliness, arrived at Stanford as a visiting scholar. I would like to spend a whole year in Silicon Valley, devote themselves to learning: innovation is there methodology? Can entrepreneurship education system?
    to find out, I put aside their courseware, I asked myself was "silent" declined all speaking opportunities, let yourself completely cleared to become a university student. I blend into the Stanford class, not just the entrepreneurial class, there are science, philosophy, economics, sociology, psychology, theory of evolution, the theory of the universe ... ...
    I like science, chose an undergraduate physics course, the old Professor humility, passion, just like an ordinary teacher. I search the Internet for a while by the way, is the winner of the 2001 Nobel Prize in physics! I chose Zhang Shousheng Professor's class, he is the pride of Chinese-American physicist, China and the United States Academy of Sciences academician double. Sitting in class, is 18 students.
   , I sat in on a venture of the Department of computer science class, the presenter is LinkedIn founder Hoffman, he also invited all guests to preach, Chairman of Google, Yahoo CEO,Netflix, founder, founder of Airbnb ... ... This is all a "world-class" entrepreneurs, and this, wind light light takes place in Stanford's undergraduate class.
    no Silicon Valley without Stanford. Today, the company founded by Stanford Alumni, their combined, per cent of GDP ranks 11th in the world.
from here, I see the first truth: so-called universities, non-that a building of that also, a master of that. If you want to do good business education, if you can only do one thing, is the best speaker in the world, please come to the classroom.
    in addition to Stanford, I came to Silicon Valley learn everywhere. Minerva is a no campus of the new University for undergraduate education, all the courses are not listening to lectures in the classroom, but line-interactive teaching, students study in 7 countries, only traditional university tuition 1/4.
    one thing that shocked me is the Khan Academy. The world's largest K12 online education public company, today all subjects was Khan, the founder of a person recording. I saw his humble offices, as well as the humble the microphone, he affected millions of students around the world. From here, I see the second truth: traditional University even outstanding, such as Stanford, still expensive, inconvenient, there is an invisible wall. And the education of the next generation of Internet is silent and forcefully pushed the wall, exploring new ways of learning in the Internet era. Chaos University
   />    and dreams gradually clear up: establishing a University in the Internet age, with Stanford's feelings, not Stanford's walls to accompany most people dream of this.
    business in what is the biggest pain point? I asked my 207 pupils, they tell me, is the cultivation of talents. There are many times in my course, surrounding the students came up to me and said good friend, Professor, your class we have heard, we believe, but my team did not hear, we have different frequency, can you speak to our team?
    based on this demand, in early 2014, subversive innovation Club was born. This is a self-organizing learning community, members can listen to my public speaking class, can also raise tuition, other entrepreneurs and professors. Less than two years time, there are already more than more than 12,000 members, has become China's biggest innovators in learning communities.
    However, this is far from enough. Members to demand more and more, self-organization, in pure lines of learning has to take on heavy responsibilities.
    today, Lee decided that I want to drop everything and pour my life as venture business experience, spirit of Stanford, to set up a new University of University-Internet-chaos (chaos Club), dedicated to startups developing Internet thinking and global vision of creative talent.
    why do they call chaos? First, any time when replacement is nebulous; the second, chaos theory is to find order in the chaos. I want to help my students, half a step ahead than the people around the cognitive chaos of the Internet age. This wish, this is enough. Four
    I envisage chaos University consists of four faculties: the College, school of business, school of business, school of innovation, each open 5-6 module courses in 2016 respectively, each for a period of two days, at least 22 classes all year round.
   , the Internet age, down to one dimension, only products. College will engage more than more than 20 teaching star trader. In March, the history of the most luxurious product managers visit Silicon Valley, portfolio includes Facebook one of the founding members, the former mobile growth, Chamath,Twitter, Deputy Director of engineering/Roger as well as several senior product Director of Silicon Valley.
    School of business will be "exponential growth" as its theme, inviting more than more than 20 entrepreneurs in teaching. In April, the logic of thinking founder of Luo Zhenyu, GGV partner Tong Shihao, turret legendary founder Wang Xinwen; in June, hammer Luo Yonghao, founder of science and technology, Zhu bajie founder Zhu Mingyue, founder of Motoiki capital, the Tencent's investment managing director Peng Zhijian.
    business schools will be invited to Stanford, Harvard, MIT, Central Europe, the Yangtze River, the world's top business schools teacher. In March, William Barnett;5 month, Professor of strategy at Stanford University, at Harvard Business School and CEIBS President Marketing Professor John Quelch of authority, and in July, Vice President of MIT Business School Professor yasheng Huang, a Chinese economist.
    innovation based on Science and technology and Humanities, out of business, looking towards innovation. January talk aesthetic, industrial design master heichuanyazhi April science, Professor Zhang Shousheng June about science and technology, of the third industrial revolution, the Reeve, author of zero marginal social gold; in August, visiting scholar at Li's first open class, shared "the new scientific worldview and the Internet".
    beginning in January 2016, all 22 classes, all provide live online, plus one school per week online course, and the occasional Lady speech broadcast chaos Club will be a University online learning as the main way of the Internet.
    fair to say two members, this lineup has more than all current entrepreneurial educational institutions. On the speakers invited "lavishing it into" has become my first running belief. Luxury speakers means that high fees? NO! Entrepreneurs in the most economical way to learn the best courses, as well as my core philosophy.
    Club will use the mode of entrance fees, entrance fee of 600 Yuan a year. After the entrance you can watch free all live courses, can participate in field courses at a chip. Most importantly, become a part of the community.
    the next few years, we will invest a lot of resources to enhance the online learning experience. If you still like classes, you can also choose to be hard-core members. Hardcore Member entrance fees of 3000 Yuan. After the entrance, participates in all 22 games for free online courses in the main conference or venue.
    for now more than more than 12,000 members, within the expiry of the entrance, free upgrade for hard-core members, all will have the opportunity to free online courses. This is our founding members thanked.
    limited resources, learning is a limited edition of experiential learning, hardcore total number of members is limited to a maximum of 15000 people at this stage, including existing members. Some popular courses may require tickets, please forgive me offline abilities gradually grow. Limited capacity of self-handicapping comes from self-knowledge, Lao Li sorry in advance, please allow us to grow.
    Club real idea is of course to attract like-minded people; we like to believe that the Internet, curious people to new things; we like people who dare to make a difference.
    already past middle age, limited capacity of knowing, but I sincerely hope that the world is in chaos after the Club, will be different before. So, I'll think of it as a work, do it slowly, slowly grinding time, friend, to do a good school by word of mouth.
    Finally, I would like to express the deepest gratitude to China Europe international business school! Thank the school encouraged me to follow my dream, I will be Visiting Leader's status in the future, continue to serve the Central EMBA students in class.
    life has in store, but a torch, only thing I know is: things to do in front of, beauty of nature will appear in the future.