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College entrepreneurs, no money, no technology, no team wants to subvert the BAT?

  VW venture seems to have entered a weak phase, so-called crazy stage of entrepreneurship has become the past, crazy after the rationality of the head, of course, so you won't be known as the billions and billions of market share financing, money blindly. Meanwhile, members of business also began to feel uncomfortable with this more and more, or you no longer sees it as a counter attack for Gao Fushuai, fume Blanc shortcuts in life, it is no longer as it used to be on the tall, recently spoke about entrepreneurship, think of the more failure, burning money, running and other negative words.

  following Qian paragraph time a wash car company owes Xia 5 million of debt, CEO run, to today a rent treasure was check has, is responsible for people was caught; following drops drops fast of, and 58 fair, and beauty Mission reviews merged to this days of better margin Lily merged, even second are survival can't has, more alone third, and old four; even Zhang Tao, and Yang Haoyong are out has, more alone you, and and I, may this is venture of face.
    However, whether entrepreneurship is crazy or rational, for entrepreneurs and serious derailment of the community college students, does not have much impact. Of course, the disconnect here refers to the students in the project market orientation and pain-point mastery, so I think students should be low cost, high return on learning and growing, with finance or venture capital circles of low cost, high profit returns have fundamental differences. Because students start their own business than money, profit is important to the practice, learning, trial and error, and accumulation, he more important than money itself a hundredfold, even several thousand.
    remember Qian days by invited in school in do has one on venture and new media of share will, based on many students for venture also full some enthusiasm, take this opportunities with everyone share has on students venture of three a views, share will Hou has many students with I chat to has venture early of hard and distressed, for venture early faced of various problem start, daily are in doubts and anxiety in the spent, they faced of problem is I had encountered of problem And actually this is the unavoidable problem students.
so, sharing three points I also would like to take this opportunity to share with you, these three points are the beginning of a project is not static; ideas are worthless, it is important to implement; college students focused practice, learning, trial and error.
    first, startup items are not set in stone, and is based on team, related resources, policies need to be adjusted or even changed, which we call the period of trial and error. On University campuses, and trial and error period may have three or four years time, but when you step on social entrepreneurship, and the trial and error period, only for a year or even six months, because you can't afford the time.
    why there is trial and error period, first of all, students Basic team some people think alone begin so-called venture, and some ideas are just a few of the people more than the people, not the reality of the society and the times and pain points. Secondly, adequate market research did you do before starting though, but the actual operation time, this community what you think and research there is a large gap, not smooth, so it is particularly important in a period of trial and error period.
    I think entrepreneurship group is important to firm pioneering the idea, put up with internal and external factors on the teams, projects, adjustments and changes of direction, because this is the reality of this period normal, inevitable, changes nothing.
    Qian days has a Shandong of students fans micro-letter find I, said they has a since think is good of venture idea, and for has formed good has a team, they wants to development a will talk of gift App, later he Internet a check, found except Wen Chenghui do of gift said products zhiwai, also has many people dry has this a thing, but they also is strongly to development this App, reasons is they Shandong local also no people do, So they think they should have a chance.
    but they are facing the biggest problem is there is no money, there is no mature technology development team, and then he asked me as a college student entrepreneurs, faced with these problems, how do I fix it?
    in fact, the problems they face with when I had business problems encountered are the same, no money, no actually wanted to develop a view of technology platforms with tens of billions of market size, in fact, and you have no money, no technique, but wanted to make a few aircraft carriers to protect the country's territorial security is the same reason, or a metaphor for the persistence is also quite appropriate.
    later, I gave him my three proposals, I say, students to consider the three core elements of the team. First, as a college student entrepreneur, you will examine the problem of thinking you and your team can do at this stage? Can't do? Now what? Didn't what? Consider these factors than you think you are doing the project market prospects, the ceiling height is much more important. Second, students focused practice, learning, always not to make money, then you will understand. In this context, your practice on a large project, studying, doing a small project can learn, then you do not need to take so much risk to invest so much itself does not have the human, material and financial resources. Thirdly, entrepreneurship must be adept at embracing change, learning to adjust according to the current needs, but cannot always adjust.
    embrace the change at this point, require special attention is that when a team changes in project direction, some of the members are unacceptable, because in their opinion it is unreliable, unstable, thus their doubts about the project, project, team loyalty and trust at all. So now, if solidarity does not come together to respond to this change, core leader as soon as possible to allow the members to leave, otherwise your team easily dissolved.
    as an idea formed the team itself is the first step to start and project direction is not important, and it is important that groups can unite to adhere to the undertaking itself. So beginning students start their own business team, must adapt to these changes and adjustments, to understand each other, try and trial and error, daring to embrace change, do within existing resources under the support team you can do things, not afraid of small, but not extreme.
    2. idea worthless, important of is implementation
    Qian paragraph time with a friends in chat, chat to has he with another friends prepared partnership formed company of when, he of that bit friends wants to 100% accounted for unit, but will points to he option, only until I of that bit friends for company thaw to 3 million yuan of when, only will distribution to he shares. Normal people can see this is very unfair distribution of shares.
    later I asked him between your friends based on what you share when it was made, he said, his friends made it clear what he thinks is worth no less than 1 million, heard here, is actually very funny, a college student said his business idea worth more than 1 million, are just bullshit.
    today we think of any ideas others in thought, just look at who should act first.
    a few days ago, and Peter small music hire CEO Zhao Penglai chatting for a long time, was meticulous about his entrepreneurial experience, as one after the pioneering researcher, I after the study of entrepreneurial experience is kind of interesting, especially of entrepreneurial ideas into practice, it lets me have a more profound understanding of entrepreneurial behavior.
    friends to sophomore of when on has dropped out in Baidu and 360 internship has, do has two years out Hou, found big company and University Zhijian exists with a pain points, is University learn of professional, and courses with company candidates of post exists not symmetric problem, so they wants to through campus line of way to will company this Division clear, and professional, and fine of of post requirements share to campus in to, to to solution this a pain points, because this venture of idea, Later they made to monopolize projects.
    but do has a time Hou, found this mode wrong has, campus line of mode too heavy, so and has never PA pen project in the selected has employment recruitment a a section, in this industry field in the for deep dug, later also is has Bo small Le online recruitment, and is smooth of got has 58 with city of strategy investment, November 25 58 fair group foreign released message said will 58 fair group of resume library full and Bo small Le docking, Support the comprehensive development of Peter small music.
    in this case, we can easily find one that looks almost impossible ideas for implementation, and then adjusted according to the actual project, eventually got the investment, current valuations are already very high.
    so we and began reflection venture idea this a proposition, dang you has a venture idea of when, General has two species people will on you of idea for comments, a is support you idea of people, another a is against you idea of people, regardless of is support you of also is against you of, actually does not important, important of is you of select is what?
    whether it is for you, or against you, the starting point of his comment was based on the world around him and his, and everyone's world, vision is not the same, and he gives you the answer function only references, recommendations, evaluation, only you know what you want to do? What you don't want? If everyone wants to do is the same, that this thing may not be made.
    so no matter how bad you think, do, step by step accumulated, it is valuable.
    3. University period of venture, focus is fast learning, and practice, and try wrong, and non-profit
    University period of venture, focus is fast learning, and practice, and try wrong mainly, this a stage is high school to University, and University to social of excessive, as entrepreneurs, in excessive of process in the, need focus to breakthrough you past of himself, open vision and improve industry cognitive, Vision and cognition is a time you need to constantly learn and accumulate.
today we see a lot coming out of the cattle from the University campus, their success is by no means easy, such as the Qi Junyuan Teambition founder, hungry founder Zhang Xuhao Zhao Penglai, founder, small job recruiting.
    Qi Junyuan before founding Teambition in College, do health record project is to allow patients to upload medical records and other information on the online archive platform, and later as the team and the direction of, and Teambition until today, in the industry's leading collaboration Office platform, today known as the successful accumulation of unknown has a close relationship with the University. First health programs is determined by trial and error, not what they can do and second in the process, he learned to program, accumulated an important foundation for the development of Teambition today. This is more important than profit.
    Zhang Xuhao from University period sent outside sold to phone set meal, and again to himself development website provides set meal, and again to hungry has you today of scale and market, are is past bit by bit accumulated of process, graduated Hou close 6 years of time in unknown of work with, and efforts with, for company, and for platform of development best, through constantly upgrade update perfect optimization all of chain to improve team development of bear capacity, including team, and management, and products,, All success is no accident.
    and Peter little recruiting can do today, with CEO Zhao Peng has a close relationship to College five years of accumulated, knowledge, go to Baidu, 360 practice, PA, through trial and error, and finally the small music made this job recruitment.
    today, many college students entrepreneur will subvert the BAT, play with Lei millet, in fact, completely unnecessary, even if today you have subverted the BAT, playing the Lei, so what? So good right? Do you want to let the world sing? Have meaning? I think it does not make sense.
    for entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship is pursued by a process focus put by the own industry, fun, if you spent more than a year to become the richest man in China, when you sit and think, when memory is very short, because it's not your time and future.
    entrepreneurs, the pursuit is down-to-Earth, is a process of learning and fun, college student entrepreneurs are likely to do so, not for the money, lose should at this stage can be harvested are more important, more valuable knowledge and perspectives.