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Provident Fund loan applications why such a fire

last month, first day of the month of Provident Fund loans "seckill", September all the credit is used up in half a day. Provident Fund loans why so hot? Reporter learned that, because of the Provident Fund loan process simplified processing time shortened, with credit spreads widened to about 2%, the Provident Fund intends to stop the secondary loan, catch the last bus applications, resulting in Fund buying surge in applications.

stopped before the second loan catch last bus

Fund loan why so hot, because the property market improved sold a lot?

reporter learned yesterday, last year as credit lines tightened, long processing time and a floating interest rate, whereas the Provident Fund loan process simplified processing time shortened, with credit spreads also widened to about 2%, so use of Provident Fund loans surge in buyers. At present, commercial loan 3-5 years (5 years) interest rate is 6.4%, 5 per cent of the loan interest rate is 6.55%; provident fund interest rate 5 years (5 years) is 4%, 5 years interest rate is 4.5%. Due to commercial mortgages to float, which spreads over 2%.

in addition, the Provident Fund loan applications in the near future to feel nervous, continued in early May last year exceptionally loose of inertia related to return to normal in the near future. Last year Guangzhou Provident Fund loans of up to one year, reached 31.7 billion yuan. Amount only 17 billion yuan for this year. Guangzhou housing Provident Fund Center said last year, Guangzhou housing Provident Fund loans, total commercial and 152,000 households, housing fund borrowers is 63,000 households, accounted for more than 41%. Housing accumulation Fund loan for borrowers to save interest expense more than 1.7 billion yuan a year.

consolidation in the property market in Guangzhou this year, but wanted to introduce a loan deal in Guangzhou, halted the second loan, so there was a lot to catch the last bus, application for Provident Fund loans continue to full House. Full house property research manager Zhou Feng said in July, for example, by full House of second-hand residential real estate sales transactions, using the pure number of Provident Fund for 24.1%, 6.6% over June, most of the cases were in the Fund before the approval of the new policy.