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Internet financial Eyeing real estate down payment loans can curve to save the property market

banks more stringent auditing, loan cancellation, into the "Silver age" property prices eased, but just need a home buyers dream remains far away, down the mountain to hard work just need only "look disappointed." However, the incentives have emerged, and is the most photographed, most love toss of Internet finance.

target "the down-payment loan"

second mortgage for at least 60%, even 30% is a down payment on a first home, still have a lot of "just want" group it is difficult to raise a down payment, which was seen by market-oriented financial institutions through the opportunity to rescue the property market to develop its own. "Although the housing market is the worst is over, but if this year's opportunities for the gold and nine silver ten developers can not grasp, then waited seven or eight months, until next May, the market will resume. "Peace good Fang Zhuang Nuo, Chief Executive, said in an interview with Beijing morning news reporters said that although the purchase have let go, but Bank lending remains badly died, so safe and well prepared to come up with tens of billions of loan funds available to buyers" down payment loan "to promote market" destocking ".

Sohu Corp's Internet banking platform just yesterday "search easy loan" choose to bet on "focus down payment loan". By Sohu network home resources search credits between buyers and investors put up a platform. Purchase after you complete the application, approval, no mortgage, will receive a loan. The other hand, investors can make use of the platform, lend money to home buyers, and 8% to 14% return on investment. Upper limit for loan payment, led by 20%, the General term not exceeding 3 years. First mortgage 30% and buyers to obtain 10% funding housing dream can come true.

or "curve to rescue"

, "we are ready to invest 10 billion Fund in Shanghai, Beijing market and Shanghai market, we also prepared 10 billion funding for developers gold and nine silver ten promotion. "Zhuang Nuo said that in the current market environment, developers slashing sales directly, would face other risks, if developers choose to discount loans to home buyers in the form of concessions, to price effects, and can also enhance the customer's purchasing power.

"the downturn in the property market, developers and our willingness to cooperate is more pressing. "Search credits CTO Adam Zhou to Beijing Morning Post said. At present, there are already several developers say and "focus down payment loan" cooperation project involving more than more than 20 cities across the country. Although it does not disclose the list of developers, but Zhou Lin said, and launched on the past at Sohu's purchase offer is different, many developers have to "focus the down payment loan" expressed a strong interest in, hoping to bring the trade.

according to the Beijing morning news reporter, many developers to be able to "gold and nine silver ten" show, were willing to through interest subsidies real people promoting sales. Now this method brings to the market a lot of effects are unpredictable, but at least you can bypass the limit to some extent the loan, then "curves rescues."