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CITIC Bank to work together to push the chain home offers home loans

China CITIC Bank with a chain of real estate in Beijing recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Both parties agree, the future will be shared through resource integration, channel, including retail financial products, financial products and companies to cooperate fully.

it is understood that after China CITIC Bank was working with chain, will link customers to provide personal loans, financial supervision and exclusive debit cards, credit cards, wealth management and a number of retail financial products. With CITIC's financial platform and the chain's trading platform, customers can enjoy real estate professional services and features between financial services.

HomeLink real estate has over more than 1500 retail stores nationwide, its platform for the trading of second-hand House in 2013 alone, total turnover of over 170 billion yuan. China CITIC Bank said cooperation chain customers will be expected to obtain from the Bank housing financing special lines of credit guarantee and first home mortgage rates concessions, such as the chain's first customers in Beijing lending rates 90 percent discount.

CITIC's move was a positive response to the current market trends. Relevant personnel said, since the second half of this year, China CITIC Bank has loan for home purchase first home needs further expansion of credit.

it is understood that the House against marketed only 9 months, lending has exceeded 40 billion yuan, nearly 50,000 families have access to the room as the core package of consumer credit. The contract with the chain home, CITIC Bank following the e-House China, I love my family together again after real estate service provider.