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New loans are expected to recover to 700 billion yuan

four lines of nearly 250 billion yuan of new lending in August

yesterday, the sources said, four rows in the amount of new loans in the last week of August at more than 110 billion yuan, the momentum of the Sprint through the end of the month, four new loans in August nearly 250 billion yuan.

markets widely expected that loan is expected to further improve and structure, but new loans in August may still fell short of market expectations, but will be better than in July, is expected in August new lending might recover to around 700 billion yuan.

the August credit last month, are expected to have rebounded

more than projected August or around 700 billion yuan in new loans of financial institutions. CICC report said the August joint-stock banks in lending much better than the big four, is expected in August all industries 600 billion ~7000 billion yuan in new loans.

Bank of communications August macro forecasts issued by the Center for financial research, expected in August new Yuan (domestic and foreign) loan of about 750 billion yuan, the chain added about 365 billion yuan, compared with increases of about 39 billion yuan, but the outstanding growth of the month of 13.3%, slightly less than last month.

analysts believe that bad assets, deposits of pressure rise per acre and tighter supervision of commercial bank credit more significantly, although finance and structure are expected to further improve, but new loans in August may still fell short of market expectations.

Shun securities report said high good team, take account of the general situation of the global economy, as well as the State of the domestic real estate market, tend to think that the August economic callback should be short-term, may 2-3 months of time. In this context, monetary policy can continue to maintain directional loose orientation, significantly accelerating relaxation should be unlikely.

local lending fears credit

reporters found, although with significant improvement from July, but August lending problems still exist.

according to the semi-annual figures 16 listed banks, agricultural Bank's bad loan ratio reached 1.24% in the first half, highest in the 16 listed banks. CITIC, Bank and bring the NPL ratio also, and 1.19% and 1.11%, respectively.

the CBRC after data showed first half of 2014, China's banking institutions totaled 694.4 billion yuan of bad loans, representing an increase of 102.3 billion yuan at the end of last year; rate 1.08%, increased by 0.08% over the year. Analysts believe that the increase in bad loans, are closely related to macro-economic situation.

construction Bank of China official said on September 1, and under the influence of the external economic environment, Bank lending will be more cautious, but credit lines for the year will be "full".

Lian ping, Chief Economist of Bank of communications, said, at present, the demand-side, overall real economic structural adjustment lowers the potential financing needs. On the supply side, although the authorities reverse cycle operation intention a clear, prudent monetary policy neutral loose, but banks face asset quality pressures and credit-constrained problems, local "fear of loan lending" phenomenon.