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Hundreds of millions of parts-oriented funds still circulates the banks not lending

market participants last month some concerns about the credit situation in the third quarter. After all, the July credit count lower, not August data does not seem optimistic.

analysts believe that targeted reduction, and has since launched loan calculating adjustment, increase the policy of supporting agriculture and a series of small loans, indicated that the relevant departments for small and micro, weakness in the real economy such as agriculture, support to spare no effort, but the actual effects might not have expected. The China Securities Journal reporter recently visited Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangxi and Yunnan to learn, the real economy financing environment has been improved to some degree, but small and micro enterprise financing and financing problems such as the more common. Both risk control of commercial banks to consider, there are small micro-enterprise credit during the economic growth downward contraction of demand factors.

redirect funds "where to go"

directed by reducing policy to release hundreds of millions of Yuan in funds, how much flows to small, rural entities such as economic weakness?

China Securities Journal reporter investigation found, many directed by the reduction policy to release funds in commercial banks "account". Guangxi, Yunnan and other places many Bank insiders said: "subject to a desired loan (that is, control of Central Bank credit to commercial banks, is to achieve the objectives of monetary policy during a certain period and determine the ceiling on new loans) arrangement, release the funds we are unable to lend. "People in the industry say, desired loan is particularly noticeable effect on local city commercial banks, rural commercial bank, which tend to be small, rural credit, the" backbone ".

tiandong County in Guangxi rural commercial bank official said: "with other regions, we deposit growth this year is good. Loan index adjustment, release a lot of liquidity in the book. But because the desired loan arrangements, these funds we cannot dare to place, because if disrupting scheduled lines and rhythms, line of credit will be reduced in the coming year. "

people familiar with the matter said, in this case, financial institutions cannot do" capitalists ". On some local rural credit cooperatives to pay "cash" uniform to the provincial association, coordinated by the provincial association interbank lending, and to make a profit, or channel business by working with other agencies, to put money into real estate and other fields.

a rural credit cooperatives who said: "for banks, although earning much, but equal to the risk-free return. It is important, and every penny of deposits to pay interest on money is not ' go ' we do? "

similar problems were not" directed "appears after. On 2013, previously published by the Audit Commission of the central budget performance and other financial revenue and expenditure of the audit report, funds from the Central and local financial stocks idle deposit, part of the funds in the financial sector appears real to the imaginary problem removal.

according to statistics from Hong Yuan securities, audit reports, level 4 violation of contract 10.862 billion yuan of debt capital for real estate development and construction of capital projects, and other items. Audit trail 8 Bank loans 374.988 billion loan is found through cooperation, Fund financing and the credit business to limit local government financing platforms and real estate enterprise; enterprise through loans idling arbitrage.