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The CBRC issued a document to increase credit support for agriculture help large-scale intensive management

on September 5, the CBRC issued on finance supporting agricultural production and intensive management guidance (hereinafter referred to as the opinion), required banking institutions continue to increase large-scale and intensive management of the loan.

the CBRC requirement, banks and financial institutions to all types of agricultural scale management into the scope of credit rating, credit files. Delegation of approval authority, increase credit lines, setting up specialized financial services sectors related to agriculture, specializing in the branch or Division.

the CBRC officials said coverage gradually to promote coverage of the credit system, advancing loans of "last mile". Specifications for all kinds of large scale operation of agriculture the credit evaluation, credit rating and on the subject of agricultural management of scale combine lending and credit. Credit rating higher agricultural scale management under the same conditions the lending priorities, the preferential interest rates of positive incentives.

the opinions and requires banks to develop new varieties of loans for different types and scale of agricultural management of scale needed, offer different financing options. For example, around the agriculture with local characteristics, development and promotion order financing, chattel mortgage, accounts receivable factoring and financing products production and sale of silver and other supply chain, promote rural land contractual management right mortgage system.

Meanwhile, the CBRC also required financial institutions to construct agricultural large-scale production and intensive management service mechanism and optimizing organizational structure and business processes and create new products and services. Of agricultural development Bank to invest more in agricultural development and rural infrastructure construction of medium-and long-term credit support. Large State-owned commercial banks, joint-stock banks and city commercial banks should separate agricultural credit schemes.

"there are a lot of banks concerned and part of the city commercial bank has been established within the Division. "The head of the China Banking Regulatory Commission said. Should be based on a new operating system as the main line, explore the establishment of specialized services, specializing in the branch or Division, achieve professional major, family farms, farmers ' cooperatives of standardization, mass marketing services.

recently, the CBRC issued also on advancing the Foundation's financial services "village" of guidance to further advance the basic financial services extended to the villages, and strive to realize villages with 3-5 time based financial services "village to village".