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Zhejiang mortgage discount two cities: the trend of Bank lending is loosening

on September 9, said a person familiar with the real estate industry in Hangzhou, Hangzhou Bank institutions of the first rate, from 95 percent to postal savings banks given excellent customer 88 percent, about 9 banks introduced preferential policies in early August "has only one".

in Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou, Wenzhou market remains weak and the property market since the beginning of the "dump", formed a national property market to watch. Two big cities limit policy liberalization, and inject a ray of light in the market. However, it is a mirage, a light that light for it is a wild, has yet to be verified.

Wenzhou 90 percent mortgage concessions behind the

housing downturn, circled around three years of Wenzhou, on September 1, suddenly out of the market "Bank launched first mortgage can be a 90 percent discount" message. What makes local bank in the long-depressed property market in Wenzhou, restart the preferential loan policy?

based on publicly available information, home loan, led by a 90 percent discount on lucheng rural commercial bank is the only Bank, launched the first home mortgage loan and pension fund portfolios benchmark lending rate a 90 percent discount.

"nothing Big Dipper-Ben, this is a ' gimmick '. "A well-known local real estate agency property consultant said, real estate transactions, customer credit quality, this discount can do the same. Moreover, in his view, the Wenzhou real estate market continued to slump, preferential policies for mortgage information to the market, is the local government a "prop" the expression of will.

Wenzhou lucheng rural commercial bank local Bank agency is located in the city's political and cultural center of the city-the deer. The Bank last June by the lucheng rural cooperative banks are nearing completion. Based on publicly available information, after the reform of the lucheng rural commercial bank introducing private capital, with registered capital of 1.189 billion, than before the transformation, 648 million increase in funds received 711 million.

in addition, preferential mortgage rates information, heads of Government convened in Wenzhou City, Wenzhou is mainly the banking sector, "financial industry supporting the real estate industry" seminar on outgoing.

Wenzhou real estate purchases policy is the declared restrictions at the end of July, though there have been voices saying relax, but regulators have denied it. The foregoing seminars of the Wenzhou Government, "relaxed" made public the next day.

"this is in response to the Municipal Government called on implement differentiated housing policy to promote livelihood of housing projects, solving of urban and rural residents purchase financing, credit the financing your initiatives. "Lucheng rural commercial bank official said," first, I arranged a 300 million yuan of special funds, to implement the first mortgage interest rates 90 percent discount. "

this mortgage local financial adjustments in the field of information as a positive energy, but to the long-depressed property market in Wenzhou into shot, is still unknown.

the facts are laid before us in 2014, China's property market has entered an adjustment phase, showing a scene of prices falling, and the city is also expanding the scope. 21st century business Herald according to the National Bureau of statistics recently released July 70 City changes Combs found July the average house price in Wenzhou 18177 Yuan/square meters, compared with the previous year by 16.68%.

Hangzhou chain loose limits

last year cut off abandoned houses in Wenzhou are vaguely after the local government quickly denied. But this year the national weekly financial reports in mid-August 2014, August 2013, the Wenzhou "leave room" showed a growth trend in the number. Wenzhou, according to CBRC statistics, under the influence of real estate prices, the Wenzhou "leave room" has reached 1107 involving 6.404 billion yuan of bad loans.

under various factors, market more effective boost to the property market, it remains to be seen.

Wenzhou than "non-universal" mortgage offers, Hangzhou is more grounded.

Hangzhou relax its restriction policy announced earlier than Wenzhou. On July 29 this year, more than 140 square meters in the downtown of Hangzhou (included) let go of restriction, Xiaoshan, Yuhang district, a restriction of a comprehensive ban.

then local government units on the property market there were chain-song limit.

purchase step by step after the release, Fund Management Center and the Zhejiang Provincial Hangzhou City Fund Management Center have been released, "conditional cut second-home loan downpayment, headed from down 70% down 60%".

since mid-August, Hangzhou is a bank mortgage loan relaxation. First Merchants Bank on mortgages for second homes found and downpayments, buyers only pay off their first loan and no property name, before purchasing a second home down payment from 70% to 30%.

or, a State-owned bank for the Yuhang district, second homes, far from rising loan rates, but given rare a 90 percent discount.

a property consultant said I love my family, if you want to get the mortgage, or a "hard" in the process. Huaxia Bank, for example, the applicant's position, aimed at the Bank's standard "quality customers". Such as listed companies, public institutions or State-owned enterprise employees and qualified loan amount should be about 500,000 yuan, or through banks.

"the Bank loans fluctuate, in fact, the current policy is not changed, (offers or not, offer) is key to the Bank's ample funds. "I love my family" the Hangzhou Xiaoshan area network is responsible for talks with loan consultant said Zhao Hangcong, found his contacts and a number of banks, and in early August, Bank home loans showed a loosening of trend, and a number of banks adopting preferential policies, the interest rate ranged from 85 percent to 9.5.