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Nobody said business was easy, entrepreneurs must see!

   nobody say business is easy. Every day seems to have thousands of difficulties lie ahead. Those who deny freedom of expression and the tight budget enough to let ordinary people back out.
but you are not ordinary people: you are the entrepreneur. This means that even though business is not easy, you still have to move forward.
  However, when when you venture into your whole life, not as good as a rest, look for the necessary incentive. There is nothing more inspiring than watching a movie?
    the following is every entrepreneur should see 10 movies:
    1. The social network: the social network at the time of release in 2010 was a huge sensation is not surprising. After all, everyone wants to understand how to shift from a Harvard University student Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of the world's most popular social media.
    why watch? Never mind the movie being over-dramatic. This movie makes people better understand, by presenting a flexible and dynamic qualities to achieve entrepreneurial success. Every time I watch this film, will motivate yourself to become a better entrepreneur.
    2. Of the Glengarry Glen Ross: made of Dawei·mamei's Pulitzer prize play, this film tells the story of fierce competition in the Chicago real estate market. From a deeper perspective of the Glengarry Glen Ross depicts people in order to achieve commercial success intrigues and the ugliness of betraying each other.
    why watch? Unfortunately, as a salesperson, you will realize that the business world is cruel. This 1992 film exposes the cruel business world.
    3. The Silicon Valley legend: the TV movie produced for release in 1999, tells the United States earlier stories of leading science and technology centers, as well as the rise of Bill Gates and Steve jobs. This documentary-style film from the perspective of an interesting show, Microsoft and Apple founder's life.
why watch? Now entrepreneurs are still looking for inspiration the two iconic characters. It undoubtedly provides entrepreneurs with a reference.
    4. The Citizen Kane: even if you are not entrepreneurs is recommended to watch the Orson Welles masterpiece introduced in 1941. Movie revolves around fictional characters--newspaper Baron Charles Forster Kane, tells the story of his life, and the pursuit of wealth and power. Kane is the archetype of William Randolph Hearst. However, in the end, kaiencai understand what the really important things in life.
    why watch? Creating a successful business is the goal of every entrepreneur, but that is not the only purpose of life.
    5. The pursuit of happiness: the movie released in 2006, based on the true story of Chris Gardner, starring will Smith, the entrepreneur is one of the most touching and inspirational movies. If you do not have to be Chris and infected by the spirit of his son's dream, that I'm really puzzled.
    why watch? Even if he was homeless, but also tough to raise son, Chris never gave up on his dream. This passion and sacrifice is that every entrepreneur needs to have.
    6. Of the penalty into gold: the movie starring Brad Pitt, watching this film, you don't have a baseball fan. Is Billy Beane, General Manager of the Oakland Athletics baseball team, because the team does not have enough money, bean had to look for other ways to compete with other teams.
    reason to watch? Bean Creative. The entrepreneurs is one of the most valuable qualities: to figure out how to make things better. Meanwhile, bean never listen to dissenting voices, never falters in his views.
    7. Rocky: this is a film everyone should at least look at it again. The film starred by Sylvester Stallone wrote and, lodge tells the story of an unknown unknown fighters access to compete with heavyweight champion Apollo boxing story.
    why watch? Even if the world says you can never be successful, we must continue to fight. This competition allows you to go further. I bet you listen to Bill Conti's score, you are not encouraged to blame.
    8. Wall Street: in 1987, director Oliver Stone Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas), by virtue of the "greed is good" motto became one of the most notorious characters in movie history. Was mentioned in the film, Bud (Charlie Sheen), use of illegal and immoral acts as financial conglomerates.
    why watch? Don't let money get in selling themselves. Remember that entrepreneurship is not just for the fortune and fame.
    9. Of the Jerry Maguire: jierui·makuier actor (Tom Cruise) who lives close to perfect: decent work, many friends and a beautiful fiancée. One day, however, he had an epiphany: sports agents should not have all the money, but rather compassionate customer. Jerry lost everything, on the road to a comeback.
    why watch? When you follow a dream, whether career or personal life, will make way for you. Jierui·makuier eventually learned this valuable lesson.
    10. The work of a worm: it's directed by Mike • Zhan Zhi 1999 comedy about a figure of good friends (Ron Livingston) who tired of sitting all day long in the office cubicle life, fed up with the boss, Bill (Gary Cole) command.