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Matters needing attention
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Matters needing attention

1. arrange payments according to income. Down payment on a repayment arrangement was decided to loan terms and rates. Most of the housing loan instalments, equal monthly loan payment of principal and interest. House prices under certain circumstances, choose different loan term, down payment rate will determine different levels of monthly repayments. In General, longer loan terms or down payment rate, the higher the monthly repayment amount is smaller, whereas, on the other hand. Expected monthly income objective is to determine the loan repayment schedule constraints. Developed home loan experience, average monthly payment total monthly income level of 15-50% more appropriate than 50% Hou, the borrower's daily life and consumption levels will be adversely affected. From the perspective of absolute amount, monthly payment later left to a family's income should be at least higher than Beijing's per capita minimum living standards. Income repayment arrangements are personal considerations, the most important point.

2. Selecting the best loan. Rates on Provident Fund loans as compared to the commercial lending rate now stands at 1 percent or so, provided that they meet the Provident Fund loan conditions, should apply for Provident Fund loans as possible. Need to be aware of is that Fund loans require the borrower first depositor of the Housing Fund, do not have Provident Fund deposit individuals can only apply for business loans.

3. Guard against interest rate risk. Housing loan interest rate is a floating rate, as long as the people's Bank to change interest rates borrowers pay interest rates will change accordingly, rates on mortgage borrowers are at greater risk.

4. Repayment difficulties don't forget banks. When you are in the term of loan repayment ability, repayment difficulties, don't go. Can contribute to the Bank's application for an extension of the loan period, investigations by the Bank is true, and not default on repayment of principal, interest, it will accept applications for extension of the loan period.